Top 10 Places to Visit During the Packer Off Season

(1) Resch Center

Reach center provides entertainment throughout the whole year. They have concerts, gamblers games, blizzards games, expos and trade shows. There is something planned every weekend at the Resch center. Check out the reach center events page for more information.

(2) Bars

Green Bay is littered with bars all across the city. The residents of Green Bay know how to have a drink or two with friends and family, drinking beer during the weekend is second nature. The popular places to find bars in Green Bay are on Main street, Washington Street, Holmgren way, and  Velp Ave.

Green Bay Beer

(3) Museums

The three museums in Green Bay are:

The children’s museum in Green Bay provides kids a way to explore their curiosity. Kids will be able to go to classes and events specifically designed to motivate learning.

If you enjoy museums and history, the Neville Public Museum is a great place to understand the culture of Wisconsin. New exhibits are implemented every year. It’s right on the Fox River and in a great location to walk into downtown Green Bay.

The national railroad museum in Green Bay is dedicated to preserving all different types of railroad objects. Expect to see engaging railroad exhibits and educational program for kids. The railroad museum also host wedding and corporate events. New events are happening every month makes sure to check out the National railroad museum website for updates on exhibits.

(4) Meyer Theater

At first, Green Bay doesn’t seem to be a very engaging community for the arts, until you visit the Meyer Theater. The Meyer Theater in Green Bay provides unique theater events and concerts. You will find an interesting group of people who attend. It’s definitely worth visiting if you’re in Green Bay for a few weekends. If you go, and enjoyed the experience you can rent out space for your own event! View their website for their upcoming events.

(5) Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is a perfect location to bring your significant other or family. It has over 47 acres to display. While the seasons change, so does the garden, allowing you to experience something new throughout the year. You will be impressed with all the types of flowers and beautifully designed landscape. The Botanical Garden of Green Bay has a big vision of implementing an amphitheater inside the typography. If you’re looking for a location that is always enriching the community the Botanical garden is your next destination.

Green Bay Botanical Garden

(6) New Zoo

The New Zoo has something to offer in the winter and summer. It brings the community together with animals and preservation programs. The group of volunteers is always delighted to entertain the guest who comes to the New Zoo. If you love animals and nature the New Zoo is the perfect place for you.

(7) Oneida Casino

The urge to gamble is real in Green Bay. The Onieda Casino has great deals for both the casual and regular gamblers. Playing craps is only a 5 dollar minimum. The casino is a busy place. It has a smoke free zone and poker tables. It’s open all year around so you won’t miss a chance to make a little extra money while you’re vacationing.

(8) Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame

The Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame is a must see for a Packer Fan coming to Green Bay. It’s kid friendly and rich with history. Learn about Vince Lombardi and some of the most famous players. There is a display of all the Lombardi trophies and a replica of Vince Lombardi’s office. View the visitor guide on the Green Bay Hall of fame website.

Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame

(9) Brewery Tours

There are 3 must-see brewery tours when coming to Green Bay.

Titletown Brewery

  • The title town brewery tour is only ten dollars per person. You’ll learn a lot about the history and how beer is made. It’s an award winning beer. Bring your friends or have a bachelor party. Anyone can come and designated drivers still leave with a free pint glass.

Hinterland Brewery

  • Hinterland offers stories you won’t forget. Their brewery almost burnt down in 1995. After, they expanded and renovated the meat packing warehouse. Now they have 3 restaurants and a brewery. You’ll notice the hinterland brewery to near the packer stadium and in downtown Green Bay. It’s a great place to go out to eat with family or to have a beer with friends.

Badger State Brewing Company

  • The badger state brewing company has a variety of beer to choose from. They have seasonal, occasional beers and year round beers. It’s more of an upscale brewery with a taproom, beer garden and fancy event center. They only serve beer, no wine or liquor. To take the tour you must purchase tickets online.

(10) The Art Garage

The art garage is an art studio that has events and workshops all year. UWGB graduates decided to start their own art studio after taking a studio art class. Now the Art Garage is a non-for-profit and a great place to bring kids or adults. They have a galley and a multi-purpose room for classes. The art garage is a perfect example of enriching the community by leveraging property.